Sensor Dual Technology Ceiling Mount DT360

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The sensor Dual Technology "Cod.6630CM" DT360 is part of the new range of volumetric sensors and PIR Dual Technology Guardall ideal for residential and small business. The constructive values ​​of the series are based on the safety requirements of customers, where you need the budget. The series is quick to install and has a 'pleasing aesthetics and modern. Particular emphasis was paid to the conformity of the product with different European certification bodies. The products comply with EN50131 Grade 2.


  • Volumetric detector for ceiling mounting
  • 360 ° coverage
  • Diameter of detection of 9.3 meters 3.6 meters @
  • Conforms to EN50131 Grade 2
  • Quick and easy installation

Power supply voltage:
9 to 15 Vdc
max 28 mA @ 12 Vdc
Operating Frequency Microwave:
24 GHz (K-band)
9.3 meters 3.6 meters @
Type of Optics:
Fresnel lens
Outputs Alarm and Tamper:
<24 Vdc @ 50 mA, NC
Adjustment Range:
Through internal trimmer
Enable LED:
By internal jumper
116x33mm (diameter x H)
Operating Temperature:
-10 ° C to + 55 ° C
Relative humidity:
max 95%