Sensor Dual Technology Grade 3 range 10/15mt DT15PLUS

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DT15Plus EN Grade 3 Dual Technology Detector with Microwave Anti-Mask
Varifocal optics and advanced digital signal processing guarantee impressive catch performance with excellent immunity to false alarm sources. Microwave anti-masking ensures outstanding detection coverage that is immune to most masking attempts.
This detector also combines advanced elements such as Anti-Stealth™ and the environmentally friendly Microwave Day Disable option along with all the features you would expect from a high quality detector.
As part of the detector platform range, reducing installation time has been a major driving force behind some of the design features included in the product. Variable mounting heights, adjustment free optics, selectable EOL resistors and quick-fit assembly are just some of these.
  • 15m/10m dual technology detector
  • Microwave anti-mask
  • EN Grade 3, class II
  • Anti-Stealth technology™
  • Selectable End Of Line resistances
  • Adjustment-free optics
  • NEW Shared housing – platform range
  • Varifocal lens design
  • Enhanced DT processing


12V (9V to 16V dc)
Power Supply:
Quiescent (no alarm) : 13mA @ 12V
 Max - All LEDs On : 21mA @ 12V
Max Ripple:  
2V peak to peak @ 12V dc
Temperature Range:  
-10°C to +55°C (14°F to 130°F)
Microwave Power: 
0.011 µW/cm2 at 1m (average)
Microwave Frequency: 
Microwave range adjustment: 
50% to 100% of range via pot adjustment.
Fluorescent Lights: 
Microwave channel rejects these to within 2m of an 80 W tube.
PIR coverage adjustment: 
Vertically: none required
 Horizontally: ±5° corner mounted
Alarm & Aux (fault) outputs: 
Normally closed (NC), voltage free, solid state relay rated at 30 V dc,
 50 mA with a max. 26 ohm ON resistance
Alarm period: 
Approximately 3 seconds
Aux period: 
Duration of fault or mask condition.
Tamper output: 
Normally closed (NC), voltage free, switch contacts rated at 24 V
 dc,50 mA
End of line resistors: 
Selectable: (Alarm, Tamper, Aux)
 Option A: Guardall 8k2, 8k2, 8k2
 Option B: 1k0, 1k0, 12k
 Option C: 4k7, 2k2, 2k2
 Option D: 6k8, 4k7, 15k
Walk test LEDs: 
RED – Unit alarm
 GREEN – Microwave channel
 YELLOW – PIR channel
Remote LED enable: 
Control of LED indication using Test line
Indicated on Aux output and LEDs if selected.
Standard (L-type) latching.
Microwave / PIR trouble: 
Indicated on Aux output and LEDs if selected.
Test Input: 
Low or open circuit for LED disable, detector supply to activate
Control Input: 
Low or open circuit for unset, detector supply to set.
Packed weight: 
135g approximately.
Dimensions (H x W x D): 
110 x 66 x 42mm