Dual Band receiver for expansion via radio of cable systems Nice

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HSRE12 Dual Band radio receiver interface for expansion of wired systems.
Dual Band radio receiver for the expansion of wired alarm systems by means of radio devices in the NiceHome System range (detectors, control units, keypads and transmitters). 
Maximum installation flexibility: the ideal solution to expand the protection area to outside areas diffi cult to access with wiring (e.g. garages, porticoes), facilitating installation especially in the case of expanding an existing system. 
The receiver is fi tted with 16 voltage-freerelay outputs:
  • 12 outputs for switching alarm radio signals sent by detectors and commands sent by keypads and transmitters;
  • 4 outputs for switching technical alarms (tamper, low battery and detector supervision) and signals of possible radio disturbance. 
Compatible with all radio equipment and peripherals in the NiceHome System range, HSRE12 identifi es, memorises and supervises up to 32 devices: 
  • indoor and outdoor presence detectors;
  • magnetic contacts for doors and windows;
  • technical detectors: fl ooding and smoke;
  • keypads and remote controls (for remote control of electrical devices, automations and lighting). 
12 Vdc power supply from control unit, or other device connected to the receiver. 
Facilitated wire connections via easily accessible terminal boards.
Maximum safety guaranteed by the continuous supervision of peripherals and signalling of any malfunctions via the 16 Led indicators available, memorising the operation of each output and performing complete checks and permanent tests of the system. The antiscanner function checks for the presence of possible radio disturbance.
Signals via Leds and buzzer, with adjustable levels and mute function.

Power supply
12 Vdc
60 mA
16 Led
Radio receiver
Dual Band 433 Mhz, 868 Mhz
Radio range
100 m in open fi eld free of disturbance or approx. 20 m inside buildings
Device memory
capacity 32 (Nice Home System encoding)
16 outputs with voltage-free contacts (12 alarm signals + 4 fault signals)- NC/NO - monostable, bistable or timed
Operating temperature
-10 ÷ 40 °C
Protection rating
IP 32
Dimensions (LxDxH)
161x110x30 mm
400 g