Modem for control units complete with progr. software Nice HSMO

VAT-inclusive price

3006 Raccolta Punti

Modem for HSCU control units complete with programming software and cable for direct PC-Modem connection; optional Back-Up battery (not included).

Remote control: by means of the Teleservice modem connected to a land line and local PC the installer has remote control of the NiceHome HSCU control units, to read the event log and perform all programming and modifi cation
procedures by phone as if on location.
HSMO is simple to use and fundamental for the advanced installer, to improve customer services, avoiding burdensome and costly on-site intervention.

Power supply
230 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Absorbed power
< 0.9 W on stand by; < 4 W during battery recharging
Backup power supply
With rechargeable lead battery 6 V 1.2 Ah (supplied)
Autonomy in event of power failure
Approx. 3 days according to intensity of use
PSTN interface
Connector RJ11
USB interface
Type B connector, USB compatible rev.1.1
Protection rating
IP40 (with container intact)
Operating temperature
-10 ÷ 40 °C
Dimensions (LxDxH)
162x120x83 mm (cavi esclusi)
700 g