Complete kit burglar alarm wireless and wired GSM Nice HSKIT1GC

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Kit NiceHome HSKIT1GC " with control unit via radio + cable, 230 Vac, and PSTN and GSM telephone dialler "
The NiceHome kits are the most  comprehensive solution for the installation of residential alarm systems, integrated with anti-hazard and automation management functions.
Wireless freedom: totally wireless and mixed wired/via radio solutions, guarantee maximum flexibility of installation, even where wiring is not possible. The set-up of a "made-to-measure" system is now easier than ever, to meet all the needs for protection and comfort in the home!
Deterrence, protection, warning "Talking" control unit including personalisable warnings, voice guide and 106 dB siren with a powerful deterrent effect.
Differentiated management of alarms provides different signals to indicate approach, tampering, forced entry or break-ins through windows or doors, intrusion into protected areas, incipient fires or floods and other hazardous events. In the event of an alarm the control unit calls the programmed telephone numbers, transmitting specifi c messages associated with the event.
Reassurance, at all times: thanks to Dual Band radio transmission (433 and 868 MHz) and bidirectional devices, the system is supervised and also indicates the presence of radio disturbance.
Remote control: everything under control, even at a distance PSTN and GSM diallers (HSKIT1GC e HSKIT1GW) for dual safety, remote querying and control, warnings via voice and text messages, telesurveillance and remote assistance.
In less than optimal GSM coverage conditions,  the control unit can be connected to an external antenna, thanks to the new SMA connector.
No Black-out; guaranteed operation in the event of a power failure and warning via text message.

control unit via radio+cable,  230 Vac, telephone dialler via PSTN and GSM.
4-channel radio transmitter rolling code, 3 zone activation, emergency, antipanic.
Opening detector with magnetic contact.
Volumetric infrared detector with corner support.