Complete kit burglar alarm wireless and wired GSM Nice HSKIT2GC

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Kit NiceHome HSKIT2GC " with control unit via radio + cable, 230 Vac, and PSTN and GSM telephone dialler + Wireless touchscreen, bidirectional, 3,75" screen "
The NiceHome kits are the most  comprehensive solution for the installation of residential alarm systems, integrated with anti-hazard and automation management functions.
Wireless freedom: totally wireless and mixed wired/via radio solutions, guarantee maximum flexibility of installation, even where wiring is not possible. The set-up of a "made-to-measure" system is now easier than ever, to meet all the needs for protection and comfort in the home!
Remote control: GSM + PSTN
Everything under control, even at a distance, via PSTN and GSM (HSKIT2GC and HSKIT2GW).
Quick and easy programming
Wireless 3.75” touchscreen with user-friendly icon menu and built-in vocal guide.
No Black-out: Guaranteed operation even during mains power failure (B12V-C backup battery optional for HSKIT2GC).
Bidirectional dual band
Reassurance at all times: supervised system, bidirectional with keypad, remote controls and sirens, dual band 433 and 868 MHz, self -diagnostics.
A single command for the whole home: Integrated management of alarm and home automation systems with the new all-wireless portable touchscreen.
Ease of installation: Talking touchscreen for personalised warnings and vocal guide.
Simple home automation: Possibilities of managing single automations or in groups, with scenarios and timed commands.


HSCU2GC control unit via radio+cable,  230 Vac, telephone dialler via PSTN and GSM.
HSTS2 Wireless touchscreen, bidirectional, 3,75" screen 1
HSTX4 4-channel radio transmitter rolling code, 3 zone activation, emergency, antipanic.
HSDID11 Opening detector with magnetic contact.
HSDIM10 Volumetric infrared detector with corner support.