Bidirectional Dual Band radio keypad Nice HSKPS

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Bidirectional Dual Band keypad, wall-mounted or portable for control of alarm system and automation control systems. 
HSKPS is a keypad used to activate/ deactivate the connected alarm control units and automations with visual confi rmation of operations and service indicators via leds or buzzer, to indicate conditions such as protected doors/windows left open and low battery signals.
Key to check system status. 
Safety and protection
Antiduress function with deactivation under threat, with simultaneous dialling of telephone numbers.
Programmable key with antipanic function (activation of sirens and of calls) or burglary alarm (activation of calls) or programmable for control of an automation or other manual command.

Power supply
3 alkaline batteries, 1.5 V size AAA, supplied
Approx. 2 years
Dispaly and controle
8 function control Leds and buzzer
Radio transmission
Digital communication on Dual Band frequency (433 and 868 MHz)
Radio range
100 m in open fi eld free of disturbance or approx. 20 m inside buildings
Operating temperature
-10 ÷ +40 °C
Dimensions (LxPxA)
100x23x100 mm
180 g