Control unit for mixed, wired and radio alarm systems HSCU1CIT

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Control unit for mixed, wired and radio-controlled alarm systems, powered at 230 Vac and lead battery (not supplied). Equipped with PSTN telephone dialler.
The HSCU control unit is the most comprehensive solution for the installation of residential alarm systems, integrated with anti-hazard and automation management functions. 
Maximum safety: supervised Dual Band radio transmission and control of radio interference ensure safe communication between the control unit, detectors and alarm devices.
Total and differentiated management of alarms provides different signals to indicate approach, tampering, forced entry or break-ins through windows or doors, intrusion into protected areas, incipient fi res or fl oods and other hazardous events. 
In the event of an alarm the control unit calls the programmed telephone numbers, transmitting specifi c messages associated with the event. 
The user can call the control unit (only via the PSTN land line) to check and modify status as required, listen to ambient noise and activate electrical utilities, lights, automations, boilers etc. The HSCU wireless control unit answers in a clear voice, confirming and/or notifying of new events.
Deterrence and warning: the deterrent effect of the system is guaranteed by powerful indoor and/or outdoor sirens, also warning by means of vocal synthesis, light activation and activation of other deterrent devices.
Integrated 106 dB siren, with mute option, and low intensity buzzer.
Power at 230 Vac, the control unit can control up to 99 radio peripherals and up to 6 wired detectors with dedicated power supply; it is equipped with radio/wired outputs for alarm devices and for 18 home automation commands (16 radio commands + 2 relays).
No black-out: the backup battery (optional) enhances system safety, guaranteeing operation in the event of a power failure.

Power supply
230 Vac 50 Hz
Battery Backup
Rechargeable lead 12 V 2.2 Ah, autonomy without mains 36 h ± (not supplied)
Power aupply Output
12 Vdc output (nominal) maximum 1.2 A
Alarm via radio inputs
Up to 99 programmable detectors: immediate, delayed or AND, on 3 activation
zones A-B-C or in three 24-hour zones: panic, robbery, technical alarm
Wired alarm inputs
6 NC lines, freely programmable on the 3 activation zones A-B-C
Anti-tamper via radio
Reception of tamper signal from each detector;
reception of supervision and low battery signals
Wired anti-tamper device
3 Tamper NC lines (zones A-B-C) and control unit opening/detachment protection
Alarm via radio outputs
Digital transmission encoded at 72 bit, for alarm device control
Wired alarm outputs
1 for siren command 12 V 0.5 A - 1 for self-powered siren 14 Vdc;
1 for on-board siren; R1 and R2 = programmable relays for various functions
Control inputs
1 for connection of supplementary electronic/electromechanical actuator
Radio system control
Continuous, simultaneous and programmable control of 2 working frequencies
Event log
200 events Latest
- Programmable delayed activation - Programmable delay on each detector
- General alarm direction of 3 cycles each of 3 minutes at intervals of 3 minutes
- Programmable 24 h clock for activation control
Display of 2x16 characters, with possibility of naming each
peripheral (label
Alphanumerical keypad, 20 keys
Sound Power
Alarm siren 106 dB + buzzer with low intensity signal function
Acoustic signals
Recordable voice messages for main communication guidelines for the user
Vocal synthesis
Vocal synthesis with 125 pre-recorded “phrases”, available in the main languages
Radio reception/transmission
Digital bidirectional communication, on dual band frequency (433 and 868 MHz)
Radio range
100 m in open fi eld free of disturbance or approx. 20 m inside buildings
Wired connection
PSTN land line (also with broadband)
GSM module *
Quad-band, GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Operating Temperature
-10 ÷ +40 °C
211x54x307 mm
1.2 kg

* Only for version HSCU1GCIT