Control unit for mixed, wired and radio alarm systems HSCU2GC

VAT-inclusive price

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Control unit for mixed, wired and radio-controlled alarm systems, powered at 230 V lead-acid battery (not supplied) controlled from the keypad Touch Screen HSTS2 (not supplied). Equipped with PSTN and GSM dialer
The HSCU control unit is the most comprehensive solution for the installation of residential alarm systems, integrated with anti-hazard and automation management functions. 
Maximum safety: supervised Dual Band radio transmission and control of radio interference ensure safe communication between the control unit, detectors and alarm devices.
Deterrence and warning: the deterrent effect of the system is guaranteed by powerful indoor and/or outdoor sirens, also warning by means of vocal synthesis, light activation and activation of other deterrent devices.
Integrated 106 dB siren, with mute option, and low intensity buzzer.
Power at 230 Vac, the control unit can control up to 99 radio peripherals and up to 6 wired detectors with dedicated power supply; it is equipped with radio/wired outputs for alarm devices and for 18 home automation commands (16 radio commands + 2 relays).
No black-out: the backup battery (optional) enhances system safety, guaranteeing operation in the event of a power failure.
Everything under control: The control HSCU2GC operates on fixed telephone line and GSM network, calling up to 63 phone numbers which trasmettefino to 6 voice messages, 17 text messages (of which 6 can be personalized), as well as digital protocols when connected to central vigilanza.
In less than optimal GSM coverage conditions, the control unit can be connected to an external antenna, thanks to the new SMA connector.