Control unit for radio alarm systems with PSTN/GSM Nice HSCU2GW

VAT-inclusive price

5217 Raccolta Punti

Central alarm systems via radio, power supply with Battery Pack (included) controlled from the keypad Touch Screen HSTS2 (not supplied). Equipped with PSTN and GSM telephone diallers.
Maximum flexibility: the HSCU Wireless control unit is the ideal solution for residential alarm systems, integrated with anti-hazard and home automation functions without the need to lay cables and completely independent from the electrical mains.
Maximum safety: supervised Dual Band radio transmission and control of radio interference ensure safe communication between the control unit, detectors and alarm devices.
Deterrence and warning: the deterrent effect of the system is guaranteed by powerful indoor and/or outdoor sirens, also warning by means of vocal synthesis, light activation and activation of other deterrent devices.
Integrated 106 dB siren, with mute option, and low intensity buzzer.
Equipped with PSTN and GSM dialer.
Everything under control: the control unit 16 allows HSCU2GW radio controls for home automation implementations can be managed remotely via telephone line (PSTN); operates on fixed telephone line and GSM network, no calling fi to 63 fi phone numbers which transmits up to 6 voice messages, 14 SMS (6 of which are customizable) and digital protocols when connected to a security station.
In less than optimal GSM coverage conditions, the control unit can be connected to an external antenna, thanks to the new SMA connector.