Wireless dual tech. volumetric detector 20m through 90° HSDOM22

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1694 Raccolta Punti

Wireless dual technology volumetric detector, batteries supplied. Outdoor, up to 20 m through 90°.
Self-protected against opening and removal.
Maximum safety in movement detection: dual control of intrusion for maximum limitation of improper alarms thereby improving safety performance, with virtual immunity to transit of small animals thanks to the special lens profi le.
Reliable: signal well in advance of need to replace batteries, both locally via Leds or acoustic "Beeps", and by transmission via radio to control unit. 
HSDOM22 supervised dual technology volumetric detector via radio.
Detects any movement in the protected area, up to 20 m through 90°.
Efficient barrier effect thanks to the special PIR lens that enables a thin infrared beam up to 20 m. Test and temperature compensation function


Power supply
3 alkaline batteries, 1.5 V size AA, supplied
Average estimated at longer than 2 years
Approx. every 40 minutes
Display and controls
Two-colour Led for IR, MW and alarm confi rmation signals. Buzzer for acoustic signals
Technology used
Passive infrared detection confi rmed by Doppler effect microwave detector
4 range levels, temperature compensation; microwave detector sensitivity and activation time
Inhibition of redundant alarms
2 minutes with retrigger
Radio transmission
Digital communication on dual band frequency (433 and 868 MHz)
Radio range
100 m in open fi eld free of disturbance or approx. 20 m inside buildings
Protection rating
IP 65
Operating temperature
-25 ÷ +55 °C
Dimensions (LxDxH)
84x49x158 mm
430 g