Outdoor siren for wired control units powered at 230Vac HSSOC

VAT-inclusive price

672 Raccolta Punti

Outdoor siren for wired control units, powered at 230 Vac and lead battery (not supplied). Sound power 116 dB, with fl ashing light. Compatible with control units HSCU1GC and HSCU1C.
The sound power of 116 dB, dissuades the intruder, while the fl ashing light enables illumination of the area where the alarm trips.
The flashing light and adjustable sound confi rm activation and deactivation of the control unit.
Deterrent voice messages: the surprise effect of the model with voice function HSSO1 does not disturb neighbours but discourages and deters intruders.
Stylish and painstaking design: box with antifoam design equipped with protection against opening, detachment from wall, and break-in attempts. 
HSSO1 siren via radio, bidirectional, powered by Battery Pack. New version with built-in voice card. 
HSSOC wired siren , powered at 12 V by the control unit, with internal backup battery (not supplied).