Digital receiver over an IP network for central Paradox IPR512

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Digital receiver over an IP network, can supervise up to 512 alarm centers PARADOX networked via the IP100 module to signal events over an IP network. The events are then forwarded to the management software of the monitoring station. All this is achieved through a proprietary protocol for encrypted communication between the alarm panel, the IP100 module and the digital receiver IPR512. The digital receiver IPR512 also oversees all 512 connections (the presence of the alarm control unit with communication module IP) in a configured system.


  • Supervision of 512 alarm centers PARADOX IP100 module equipped with two Ethernet ports receive (WAN1 and WAN2)
  • 2 serial ports COM1 for connection to the management software and COM2 for connection to a printer
  • Embedded Web page (LAN), to configure the digital receiver IPR512 and viewing, modification and deletion of modules IP100
  • Backing up data to external memory card
  • The entire line of communication, alarm panel, module IP100 Internet, digital receiver IPR512 and software are fully supervised by a proprietary communication encrypted
  • Time "polling" programmable, can be created for each receiver up to 32 intervals of interrogation
  • Firmware of the digital receiver IPR512 upgradeable in less than 90 seconds
  • Manages report codes in sizes Contact ID and SIA