Central microprocessor to 8 wired zones Paradox EVO192

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Central microprocessor to 8 wired zones (16 zones with copy function) expandable to 192 zones wired / wireless. Possibility to insert a key. Memory 2048 events, 999 user codes / remotes. Possibility of quick entry with open areas, and to divide the system into 8 independent areas. Built-in digital dialer: 4 numbers for monitoring station and 8 numbers for voice dialer (with VDMP3). Automatic transmission of summer and sun. Programming reset button (reset to default values ​​and restart), direct connection to 9.6k baud with WinLoad, 5 programmable outputs and 1 relay. Possibility to connect up to 254 modules of any kind on the bus (including keyboards), in any combination. 15 kinds of programmable area. Power "switching" 1.7A. Metal enclosure 280x280x76 mm.
Compatible with keyboards TM40, TM50 K07, K07C, K656, K641, K641R, and K641LX K641LX/86.



  • Possibility to insert the Total Perimeter Instant, perimeter and area for each Disarmed
  • Up to 8 independent
  • Compatible with voice dialer module VDMP3
  • Compatible with PCS200 Communicator Module line for GSM / GPRS
  • Compatible with IP100 Internet Module
  • Compatible with addressable sensors
  • Integration with access control system
  • Upgradeable firmware locally via 307USB interface and WinLoad
  • RTX3 receiver: up to 192 wireless transmitters, remote controls up to 999 bidirectional REM2 and up to 8 modules PGM wireless 2WPGM
  • Complies with EN50131 Grade 3