Expansion module 32 wired zones Paradox ZX32D

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Expansion module with 32 wired zones with power supply "switching" from 1.85A integrated. Direct connection to the BUS of the plant. Compatible with Digiplex EVO series. Supplied in DIN standard for quick and convenient installation with removable terminal blocks for easy maintenance. Dimensions 213 x 104 mm. Requires transformer and battery.

  • Diagnostic mode: LED zones turned on / off to identify the inputs assigned to a zone, it verifies the correctness of the connections (without resistance, with resistance single or double strength) by running a test
  • Button to enable / disable manual auxiliary power supply (the key will light to show status)
  • 1A Output for auxiliary supply
  • Fully supervised by the control unit (power failure, low battery and overload)
  • Selectable battery charging at 350mA or 850mA
  • Viewing with a 32-zone status LED
  • Viewing with 6 LED module status
  • Firmware upgradeable via bus at high speed (RS-485)