The graphic keyboard screen LCD Paradox K07

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Keyboard, color graphics with large graphic LCD 65x65 mm high brightness, up to 32 graphical maps, displaying the temperature using a temperature sensor. Up to 15 alarms beep, input delay, output delay, special events, reminders, etc.., And ability to download other ringtones. Programming and sounder independently for each zone. Menu icons with interactive guide "step by step" option to select the language, adjust the backlight, contrast and volume. Ability to upload / download labels with Memory Key with WinLoad, NEware or the "copy form". 3 keys for rapid activation of alarm input and 1 zone / temperature that can be used to connect a detector or an external temperature sensor (TEMP07). Connection to BUS. Dimensions (with door closed) 170x115x30 mm. Silver.



  • Upload photos or images using an SD slot for digital photo frame function
  • Background colors and text selectable
  • Supports built-in color display screensaver via the SD memory card
  • Firmware upgrade via Multibus using RS-485 to 57.7 Kbps
  • Supports up to 192 zones
  • Display areas of up to 32 graphical maps
  • Clear display of system status
  • Alarm clock and reminders for special events
  • Search engine users and areas
  • Ability to copy settings from one profile to another
  • Simple and intuitive menu guidance with "step-by-step