Keyboard with LCD display 868MHz Paradox K641LX/86

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K641LX/86 Version 868 MHz.
Keyboard with LCD alphanumeric display with blue backlight for high visibility, 2 lines of 16 characters with written programmable (with memory key, WinLoad, NEware or the "copy module"), vertical door protection keys, 14 keys to individual activation, 3 keys for rapid activation for emergency alarm, possibility of adjusting the brightness, contrast and scroll speed of the text, time display in 12 or 24 hours. Programming and sounder independently for each zone. Connection to BUS. 1 addressable zone and 1 PGM output. White. With two-way radio receiver integrated. Manages up to 32 wireless zones, and 8 remote controls up to 999 modules PGM wireless 2WPGM. Compatible with control DIGIPLEX EVO version 2.1 or higher. Supplied with 1 remote bidirectional REM2.


  • Simplifies installation of systems with zones wired / wireless
  • Compatible with remote bidirectional REM2 and REM3
  • Assignable to one or more areas
  • Upgradeable firmware locally via 307USB interface and WinLoad
  • Zone acoustic alert with independent programming


COD. K641LX/86