System Module Voice Paradox LSN4

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Voice module system for central DIGIPLEX EVO. Allows audio alarm verification, remote listening, the hands-free communication and the on / off via remote telephone. Ability to enable or disable remote siren. Recording function before and after the event, intercom and public address function. Switching between high and low gain speakers and microphones. Ability to record a custom description for 8 areas and 8 users. Possibility to connect up to 4 audio unit SUB1 primary (full functionality) or 8 audio unit SUB1 secondary (used as additional speakers) for each module LSN4.



  • Upgradeable firmware locally via 307USB interface and WinLoad
  • Plays the status messages of the system through speech units SUB1
  • Can be connected to a stereo system or an audio player to spread the music environments through the audio unit SUB1