MAGELLAN central to 64 zones 868MHz Paradox MG-6250W/86

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MG-6250W/86 version 868
Central unit MAGELLAN MG-6250/86 to 64 wireless zones. Memory 256 events, 16 user codes and remote controls. Possibility of quick entry with open areas, and to divide the system into two independent areas with common area. Digital dialer built-in: 2 numbers monitoring station and 8 numbers for voice dialer. Direct connection with the software BabyWare. Automatic transmission of summer and sun. 2 inputs / outputs programmable logic expandable to 8. 7.5Vcc separate power supply 1.5A. Dimensions 218x147x36 mm. White. Supplied with 1 way remote control REM2/86.



  • Up to 2 independent areas with Total insertion, Night, Perimeter
    Disarmed and for each area
  • Function "gong" voice
  • Alarm clock
  • Box voice messages for users
  • Messages high-quality voice
  • Telephone and feature hands-on PSTN or GSM network (with module GPRS14)
  • Supports optional quad-band GPRS / GSM 2 SIM slot (module GPRS14)
  • Five simultaneous channels of relationship: GPRS, GSM, SMS, voice and digital
    (With module GPRS14)
  • Complies with EN50131 Grade 2


COD. MG-6250W/86