Infrared detector digital addressable Paradox NVX80

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Digital addressable detector for outdoor dual technology, dual PIR and microwave with anti-masking feature and look-down. Range m 15 x 15 angle 90 °, cover and wall tamper switch. Degree of protection IP55. High immunity pets adjustable to 10Kg, 15Kg and 20Kg. Adjusting all parameters, including sensitivity and pulse counting with four buttons and built-in color display.
The detector NVX80 does not in fact any jumper or trimmer, tampering with the open, you can navigate, using the four keys in a fast and simple, the extensive menu of control parameters PIR, microwave, masking and activations free relay outputs having the need for any manual.

  • Dual technology detector with two passive detector of infrared and microwave
  • anti-masking feature
  • beams look-
  • Volumetric flow meters 15 x 15
  • Installing from 2.5 meters to 3 meters
  • 3 freely programmable relay outputs for alarm, tampering, masking, PIR detection, microwave detection, fault and look-beams.
  • Tamper protection against opening and
  • Conventional relay or serial line with Digiplex EVO
  • Display detection, alarm and troubleshooting via color display
  • Easy installation and adjustment
  • Upgradeable firmware locally via 307USB interface
  • Complies with EN-50131 Grade 3