Paradox Insigh PIR 100° HD77 CAMERA CMOS 1.4Mpx 720p

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The Paradox Insight™ HD77 is an HD video and high-quality audio PIR camera that delivers unlimited live streaming HD (720p in color) video and audio which will allow users to see and hear events and activities happening in their homes or businesses anytime, anywhere, directly from their smartphone.
In case of a security breach, the HD77 camera provides HD videos with high-quality audio of events for visual verification and reporting, if necessary. When an alarm is triggered, the HD77 sends a pre-recorded video (360p) in color or black and white (using night vision) to allow users and the Central Monitoring Station to view what has triggered the alarm, along with an additional 10 HD images (jpegs) of the triggering event. User can also access HD 720p video and audio recordings, as required.
As the camera is not battery dependent, it delivers unlimited streaming video and audio, including Video On Demand (VOD) and recording options – Record on Demand (ROD) and Record on Motion (ROM) according to individual user needs. All recordings are stored on a memory card built into the module to minimize unauthorized access. The module only records audio and video when the detector sets off the alarm, or when an authorized user implements ROD.
The HD77 is uniquely user-centric and respects all privacy permissions set by a master-user. The master-user can define up to 8 authorized users to receive alarm notifications and watch live video, limited to encrypted HD 360p video sent via the web. Further, only the master-user can write protect, share, or delete files in the system.
The HD77 fully complies with CE, and EN 50131certification.
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HD77 Key Features
  • HD audio / video alarm event verification (10 HD still images and H.264 video files)
  • Integrated video verification alarm event reporting to the Central Monitoring Station via the IPRS-7 software or the Insight™ End User mobile app
  • Video on Demand (VOD)
  • Record on Demand (ROD)
  • HD 720p color recordings
  • Multiple simultaneous multimedia streams
  • Three second audio / video pre-alarm
  • Detection - high reliability PIR, auto pulse, auto dual edge, digital detector with a 100° beam spread
  • 1.4 mega pixel Image sensor with 1280 x 720 p HD video camera that is equipped with video auto gain control, auto white balance and auto exposure
  • LAN connection
  • Digiplex bus connection enables easy installation to the Paradox EVOHD control panel
  • Fully compatible with the Paradox EVOHD control panel 


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