Accelerometric detector 868MHz Paradox GS250/86

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GS250/86 version at 868MHz.
The detector GS250/86 is based on a 3D accelerometer device that continuously measures its position relative to the ground.
This detector is excellent for protecting valuables, such as plasma TVs, paintings, works of art, ATMs, or any object that should not be moved. The function "partial movement" of the sensor GS250 allows objects to be moved for a time of four seconds without causing the sending of the warning signal. When the "partial movement" is enabled, an alarm will be reported only after five or seven seconds of movement. Reduced dimensionimm 75x27x6. Supplied with 1 lithium battery 3V type 2032.



  • Normal and High Sensitivity adjustment
  • Partial movement function with sensitivity adjustment normal and high
  • Protection against opening and removal of the detector
  • Function to test 15 minutes
  • Long battery life
  • Transmission block of 3 minutes after 2 detections in 5 minutes to energy saving
  • Ideal for the protection of works of art and objects of value, even during temporary exhibitions


COD. GS250/86