Interface Module Paradox PX8

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Interface Module connected to the receiver RTX3 RTX3/86 or, to use the transmitters MAGELLAN with any control panel of any make and model, even on existing systems. The module provides PX8 8 logic outputs show the status "open" and "closed" 8-series transmitters MAGELLAN (except remote REM2, RAC2, REM3, wireless keyboards, the repeater RPT1 and module relay outputs 2WPGM). The outputs can also be triggered by a dedicated button transmitters REM1 or RAC1, and can be programmed to signal the condition of tampering, or low battery supervision of the transmitters. A logic output can be programmed to signal the condition of module supervision PX8. Supplied without case may be housed in the cabinet of the plant, in a metal enclosure BOX-1, or up to 2 units, in the plastic case PBOX.

For programming and fault display of supervision, low battery and tampering with individual transmitters, requires keyboard 636 or C-646 and cable PX8.


  • Allows you to combine receivers RTX3 and RTX3/86 to any control panel, and make an extension of the system using the full range of transmitters and wireless detectors series MAGELLAN
  • It is possible to connect up to 4 modules PX8, for a total of 32 transmitters and 32 remote controls, to a single receiver or RTX3 RTX3/86
  • The outputs can follow the event or have a time delay from 1 second to 4 minutes
  • Max distance. receiver: 46 cm
  • Compatible with receivers and RTX3 RTX3/86 version 1.31 or higher (for updating application you can download the software from the site
  • Upgradeable firmware locally via 307USB interface and WinLoad