Module GSM / GPRS Parodox PCS250

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Module GSM / GPRS. Connected directly to the central MAGELLAN MG5000/MG5050 version 4.0 or higher, SPECTRA SP version or higher and 3:42 DIGIPLEX EVO version 2.02 allows communication via GSM / GPRS.



  • Compact and stylish design
  • Allows the communication to the monitoring station with the SIA and Contact ID formats
  • Coupled with the communicator module allows you to send voice VDMP3 to 5 telephone numbers (8 with the central DIGIPLEX EVO) of voice messages for alarm, aggression, fire, network failure and recovery and low battery center. It also allows using the voice menu module VDMP3 to arm / disarm the system, activate outputs and know the status of the system
  • Sending SMS messages to alarm the zone name, arm / disarm with your name, fault and fault reset to 8 telephone numbers (16 if connected to the central DIGIPLE EVO)
  • Ability to arm / disarm the system via SMS messages with confirmation message
  • Information for credit and residual maturity SIM
  • Using GPRS you can remote control the remote control unit using the WinLoad, NEware and BabyWare
  • Viewing the status of the module and the signal level GSM / GPRS
  • Firmware Update module and central PSC250 through GPRS network
  • Sends reports to the digital receiver on IP network for central PARADOX IPR512 model and software IPRS-7
  • Through the module can be installed up CVT485 am 300 from the central
  • And 'advisable to use an additional external power supply