Keyboard with two-way radio receiver Paradox K32LX/86

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K32LX/86 Version 868 MHz
Keyboard with integrated two-way radio receiver, operates 32 wireless zones and 32 remote controls, LCD alphanumeric display with blue backlight for high visibility, 2 lines of 16 characters with written programmable vertical door guards and keys, possibility to adjust the brightness, contrast and scroll speed of the text. Connection to BUS. 1 zone input. Compatible with control SPECTRA SP version 4.72 or higher or central SP4000 and SP65 version 4.90 or higher. Supplied with 1 way remote control REM2.



  • Simplifies installation of systems with zones wired / wireless
  • Upgradeable firmware locally via 307USB interface and WinLoad
  • Menu driven programming and user
  • LED indicator for mode StayD
  • Zone acoustic alert with independent programming
  • 8 keys to rapid activation
  • 3-button alarm activation
  • Max 1 keyboard K32LX for central SPECTRA SP

COD. K32LX/86