Two-way radio receiver Paradox RTX3/86

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RTX3/86 Version 868 MHz
Two-way radio receiver. Manages 32 wireless zones and 999 remote controls (32 remote controls with central SPECTRA SP). Dimensions mm 170X153X15. Supplied with 1 way remote control REM2 Compatible with central DIGIPLEX EVO: can be used with all MAGELLAN transmitters in the series, including two-way remote controls REM2 REM3 and show the status of the system, and up to 8 wireless modules PGM 2WPGM. Compatible with the central SPECTRA SP: can be used with all transmitters of the series MAGELLAN, including bi-directional remote REM2 REM3 and show the status of the system, up to 16 modules PGM wireless 2WPGM, up to 8 wireless keypads or K32RF K32IRF and up to 2 radio repeaters RPT1.



  • 3 programmable outputs and 1 relay (5A)
  • Transmitter Programming by teaching
  • Upgradeable firmware locally via 307USB interface and WinLoad
  • Supervision of the transmitters, the reporting of low battery and tamper
  • Display of signal strength of radio transmitters
  • Analysis and visualization of the level of radio interference
  • To increase the range of radio receivers RTX3 RTX3/86 and you can use up to 2 repeaters or RPT1 RPT1/86
  • Supplied with 1 way remote control REM2/86
  • Complies with EN50131 Grade 2


COD. RTX3/86