Radio repeater 868Mhz Paradox RPT1/86

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RPT1/86 Version 868 MHz
Radio repeater for repeating the signals coming from the detectors without wires, from the remote controls, by the wireless keyboards and wireless modules PGM. Programming, fast and simple, is made by the central and enable / disable the repetition of the radio signals from each transmitter. Fully supervised by the central issuing a special warning for power failure and low battery. It has programmable 5A relay output and an input area (NO / NC). Supplied in a metal enclosure 280x280x76.

Requires 230V AC power. and battery.



  • Greatly increases the radio coverage repeating the signals from the transmitters
  • Compatible with the central MG-6160, MG-6130, MG5000 and MG5050
  • Compatible with the radio receiver when connected to power RTX3 SP SPECTRA (excluding central SP4000)
  • Each control unit / receiver supports up to 2 radio repeaters RPT1


COD. RPT1/86