16 zones central wireless with LCD Keypad System-on Scantronic

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1958 Raccolta Punti

i-on16 is a burglar alarm system is not expandable radio suitable for realizing inpianti with Degree of Safety 2 according to EN50131.
The central i-on16, with 16 wireless zones is ideal for homes with small / medium sized shops, offices and small businesses in general. The system can handle up to 16 users with 4-digit codes and the possibility for each user to add a proximity reader, radio remote control and panic buttons.
The i-on16 is equipped with wired keyboard with backlit buttons in blue and covered with glossy finish pleasing to the touch, and discrete compatible with any home decor. The 16 wireless zones present in the central guarantee performance of the world thanks to the radio technology Scantronic 868MHz FM narrow band and the new dual diversity receivers allow large working distances and great flexibility.
The i-on16 uses the same devices of other plants of the family-on.
The systems-on represent a complete solution for control panels and related devices are suitable for all applications, from small residential to commercial structures, up to large hybrid multi partition. The range i-on is certified by independent laboratories according to the latest international standards EN50131.

Technical Specifications

  • Certifications: Meets EN50131-3: 2009 and EN50131-6: 2008
  • Security Grade: 2
  • Environmental class: II
  • Zone: 16 radio, all fully programmable
  • Bus communication: RS485 for only two keyboards
  • Proximity reader: wired and wireless keyboards are equipped with proximity reader
  • Areas / Levels: 1 area with arming and one with partial insertion
  • Event log: 250 events
  • Users: Up to 16 users with 4-digit codes, with the ability for each user to add a proximity reader, radio remote control and panic buttons
  • Horns: 2 wireless sirens 760ESO
  • Outputs: 4 open collector outputs 500mA programmable
  • Programmability: From LCD keypad with menu-driven
  • Doors: i-on16 has no connection ports
  • Power supply: 1.5A meets EN50131-6 Type A suitable for charging a battery 7Ah
  • Backup battery: one 12V battery up to 7.2Ah Lead-Gel
  • Dimensions HxWxD: Central: 384 x 245 x 94mm - Keyboard: 115 x 156 x 30mm
  • Weight: Central: 1.1 kg - Keyboard: 0,27Kg
  • Temperature: Environmental Class II -10 ° C to 55 ° C @ 0-93% RH