40 zones Central Hybrid with LCD keypad and Web-server i-on40

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i-on40 is a hybrid intrusion detection system is not expandable suitable for distribution with Degree of Safety 2 according to standard EN50131.
The central i-on40, with 24 wireless zones and 16 wired zones, is the ideal solution for homes of medium / large size, shops, offices and
small businesses in general. The system can handle up to 50 users with 4-digit codes and the possibility for each user to add a proximity reader, radio remote control and panic buttons.
The i-on40 is equipped with RJ45 port for network connections TCP / IP through which you can access the web-server integrated for programming, activation, deactivation and consultation events. The wired keyboard, supplied with the system, is equipped with backlit buttons in blue and covered with glossy finish pleasing to the touch, compatible and discreet with any home decor.
24 wireless zones present in the central guarantee performance of the world thanks to the radio technology Scantronic 868MHz FM narrow band and the new dual diversity receivers allow large working distances and great flexibility.
The i-on40 uses the same devices of other plants of the family-on.

Technical Specifications

  • Compliance: PD6662: 2004 and EN50131-1: 2004 Grade 2, Environmental Class 2, DD243: 2004
  • Zone: 24 radio, 16 wired
  • Central: Central hybrid from 40 areas with keyboard
  • Keyboards: Accept 4 wired keypads and four radio
  • Proximity reader: Keyboards i-on40, wired and radio, contain a reader prossmità
  • Display: Large LCD backlit in blue light, 2 lines of 20 characters each
  • Optional settings: A = full insertion, B, C and D = partial activation independent
  • Event Log: Log 1000 events with date and time
  • Access: 50 user codes 4 digit, proximity reader and remote control
  • Internal siren: 1 speaker 16 ohm internal
  • Outputs: 2 relays and 14 open collector outputs (i-rc01 optional relay board)
  • Remote Communications: Telephone dialer voice messages, 8 channel fast format and contact ID
  • Power Supply: Conforms to EN50131-6 Type A, output current max. 1,5A referred 850mA available for external auxiliary devices
  • Battery: Accept a rechargeable Lead-Gel 12V up to 7Ah
  • Dimensions: Central: 384 x 245 x 94mm - Keyboard: 115 x 156 x 34mm
  • Weight: Central: 1.1kg - Keyboard: 0.32kg
  • Temperature: Environmental class 2 -10 ° C to 55 ° C @ 75% RH