Bidirectional remote control 4 buttons Scantronic FOB-2W-4B

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The bidirectional remote control allows the activation and deactivation of the system, total or partial.
It can be used as a keychain, with compact size and rounded corners for easy transport into the pockets.
The bidirectional version FOB-2W-4B can receive from the central confirmation of arming and disarming the system. Also with the query function, allows to know the state of the system at the touch of a button.

Technical Specifications
  • Description: Remote bidirectional 4-button
  • Compliance: EN50131-2 Grade 2, EN610000-6-3: 2001
  • Environmental class: II
  • Compatibility: All systems-on with the software v.4.0 and beyond *
  • Battery: Li-Mn CR2450 3V
  • Battery life: 3 years, with an average of 4
  • entries per day
  • Three years, with an average of 4 entries per day
  • Radio frequency 868Mhz FM Narrow Band
  • Radio range: 200m in free air. Subject to reduction of flow in relation to environmental conditions
  • Temeperatura admitted: Tested -10 to + 55 ° C according 50130-5
  • Humidity: 0 to 93% RH, non-condensing
  • Dimensions HxWxD: 58 x 38 x 19 mm without key ring
  • Weight: 32gr including battery and key ring
  • Housing material: Plastic black