Universal control panel for one or two 230V operators Bft Rigel

VAT-inclusive price

1842 Raccolta Punti

Universal control panel for one or two 230V operators - 600+600W Bft
Application: universal control panel for one or two operators
Board power supply: 230V single-phase
Operators power supply: 230V single-phase 600+600W
Main features: removable terminal blocks, programming and diagnostics with display, incorporated dual channel receiver, plug-in connector for additional receiver, electric snap latch or magnetic lock connection, electronic torque limiter, electronic slowdown during opening and closing, separate limit switch inputs for each motor, possibility of traffic-light management and hydraulic operator pre-heating with SSR5 board
Main functions: automatic re-closing, separate motor working times, stays locked when closed, water hammer, 2/3/4 step logic, partial opening, fast closing, separate opening and closing
Compatibility: RIGEL 4


Cod. D113693 00003 - Mod. RIGEL 5