Barrier in brushed stainless steel AISI 304 + 24v control panel

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Barrier in brushed stainless steel AISI 304 + 24v control panel and preparation for accessories.

For passages of up to 3.75 meters - 24V

General Characteristics:

Design and modern lighting technology

The unique integrated with flashing LED light diffuser requires no maintenance and provides total visibility of the light signal.

Carter that covers the standard supplied

Effectively protects the user from possible risks in the rotation movement of the rod.

Seamless integration

The safety photocells are applied directly to the body barrier and integrate automation in perfect aesthetic harmony.

The electronics

The series Gard4 has electronic control of the new generation that provide total control of the automatic system, improving and enhancing the normal functions of control and safety, such as:

  • The full self-diagnosis of all safety devices
    connected to the system prior to activating the motor (electronic autotest).
  • The electronic control of the movement of the
    with detection (anti-crushing function).
  • Safety even when the bar stops
    Each command is invalidated if an obstacle is detected by the safety devices.

Barriers with 24V motor

Roads, parking areas, collective or semplicementespecifi that need for functionality and safety of the system may require the use of a system Gard4 with 24V technology.

  • Frequent blackouts
    The electronic system GARD 24V automatically recognizes the lack of power and activates emergency operation with special batteries.
  • Speed ​​control
    For total service, the 24V electronics enables you to adjust the speed of operation depending on whether the situation requires faster or slower openings and closings.
  • Intensive use
    The low-voltage motor ensures operation of the barrier for the services of use most demanding operation as in car parks, in the loading and unloading and in the passages road in general.
  • Obstacle detection
    A special electronic circuit constantly analyzes the proper functioning of the door, will either stop or reverse the movement, when coming into contact with any obstacles.

The global control inputs

Each series automatic barrier Gard4, can be connected to various access control systems that allow you to identify CAME care, memorization, and entry and exit only to authorized personnel. The equipment can also be integrated with a global access control such as the different departments in a company or the services offered by a collective structure or condominium.