Road barrier in galvanized steel framework 24V 3.75 MT

VAT-inclusive price

8709 Raccolta Punti

GARD series 4

Road barrier in galvanized and painted steel with control panel included and preparation for accessories.
For passages of up to 3.75 meters - 24V

General Characteristics:

A blend of design and modern technology of illumination

The exclusive incorporated flashing light with a lighted LED diffuser needs no special maintenance and ensures complete visibility of the warning light.

The protective guard on the bar is a standard feature.

Protects the user from possible risk when the bar is in rotation.

Perfectly integrable

The safety photocells are applied directly onto the bar and integrate harmoniously and aesthetically with the system

The 230V electronics

The Gard series barriers are constructed with next-generation electronics that guarantee total control of the automatic system, improving and increasing the usual safety and control functions, such as:

  • Comprehensive AUTOTEST of all the safety devices
    connected to the system prior to activating the motor (electronic autotest).
  • Electronic control of the movement
    of the bar with obstacles detection (anti-crushing function).
  • Safety feature even when the bar is stationary
    all controls are invalidated if an obstacle is detected by the safety devices.

The advantages of 24V barriers

Streets, parking areas, collective areas or simply specific functional and security needs of the system can call for the use of a Gard system with 24V technology.

  • Frequent blackouts
    The electronics of a Gard 24V system automatically recognizes a lack of power and activates emergency operation with special auxiliary batteries.
  • Keep speed in check
    For total service, the 24V electronics enables the operating speed to be adjusted depending on whether the situation requires faster or slower openings and closings.
  • Intensive traffic
    The low-voltage motor ensures operation of the barrier for intensive traffic conditions, such as streets, parking areas and other areas entailing constant, intensive operation.
  • Rapid transit
    The 24V technology regulates the barrier opening time between 8 and 4 seconds.

Global entry control

The Gard series automatic barrier system can be connected to many of the Came access control systems that allow identification, memorization, and entry and exit only to authorized personnel. The equipment can also be integrated with a global access control system for specific departments in a company or the services offered by a collective structure and apartment blocks.