Complete kit for a pair of swing gate KRONO KIT P3 CAME U1641

VAT-inclusive price

6100 Raccolta Punti


The maximum application flexibility

An automation system according to tradition provides maximum ruggedness and silent, with new functional features offered by a more and more advanced electronics that accompanies it. The special finish allows the integration of motors in particular architectural context.

Complete system with 230V DC for swing gates up to 3 m in length.
For more details, refer to the following information leaflet

Kit Came KRONO U1641:

Item Description Amount
001KR310D Self-locking operator right 1
001KR310S Self-locking operator left 1
001AF43S Radio card plug-433Mhz 1
002ZA3N Multifunction control panel 1
001KLED Flashing LED light 230V 1
001KIAROS Flashing Support 1
001DIR10 Pair of photocells 10m 1
001TOP-432EE Remote control 2 channel 433 MHz 2
001TOP-A433N Antenna tuned to 433MHz 1
001TOP-RG58 Antenna cable 5m

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