Sliding gate motor for three phase 400V 2200kg 23mt BK-2200T

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Model: BK-2200T

Maximum flexibility in the multi-user

BK is the complete answer to the needs of automation on sliding gates, industrial and community in general. A range of well-9 versions for all application needs, including a model with three-phase power for industrial inpieghi. BK is the latest technology for service and security, as required by CAME standards.


System with motor and control panel 230-400V AC three phase for sliding gates up to 2200 Kg (pinion module 6)

The advantages of three-phase BK

When you need maximum power, performance and reliability, the technology phase of BK allows to reach its full potential, meaning in particular: '

  • Major thrust maneuver
    The electronics 230-400V three-phase allows usofruire most dynamic thrust in the initial maneuver, thereby overcoming any problems, related to the weight of the frame.
  • Frequent passing
    The three-phase motor guarantees functioning even under the most severe conditions of use such as industrial applications.
  • Control inertia
    In large industrial doors weight often represents a forced condition, linked to the size of the window frame. Direct result of the considerable mass is the passive inertia at the end of the maneuver. BK-1200T, with the new control panel ZT6, is able to control the effects of passive dell'inierzia making more secure passage.

For handling with rack drive using the following article:
009CGZ6 Rack module 6


Technical information
Degree of protection IP54
Supply 230 / 400V 50/60 Hz
Motor power supply 230 / 400V 50/60 Hz
Absorption 1.5A
Power 600W
Maneuvering speed 10.5m / min
Intermitenza work 50%
Thrust 1650N
Motor thermal protection 150 ° C
Temperature of exercises -20 ° C to +55 ° C min max