Gearmotor underground swing gates 400V 8mt right FROG-MD

VAT-inclusive price

35970 Raccolta Punti

001FROG-MD gearmotor buried irreversible right for gates up to 8 m.

Invisible power

Superfrog is an automatic underground electromechanical, designed and built by Came to serve gates of large and heavy out of the ordinary. Superfrog, gate "super"!

Resists everything

The materials used and the high degree of protection against external IP67 mean that Superfrog can resist over time without any maintenance.

Maximum power

SuperFROG is supplied at 230 - 400V three-phase for maximum thrust is obtained with the minimum expenditure of electrical energy. The three-phase power also allows to optimize the cue in maneuver to overcome the problems related to the inertia.

Even at airports

In case of power failure unlocking FROG it is immediate. Available in three different versions for each specific need, from the practical lever to the customized key.

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