230V A.C. control and management units Came RBM21

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Control unit for transponder sensors, magnetic loops and card readers, complete with software.
The system is suitable for managing up to 500 max member users. It is designed to be used with transponder or magnetic card sensors, it is supplied with its dedicated software, but also works when not permanently connected to a PC.
The dedicated software features a light graphic interface, which is easy to use, it runs on the Windows OS and does not require any special hardware requirements.
It may be configured according to system’s requirements, and it enables card memorization to store the parameters of each users. It also features a “deductible credit” access mode, where values may be adjusted for each single sensor in commercial settings. Also, the opening command of the automations may come directly from PC if so required.
- Prepaid access
The user is deducted “credit” from the card at every use. Credits must be assigned at the time the card is added to the system and each sensor may be associated with a different credit value.
- Prepaid time
The user is deducted credits from the card based on the amount of time spent within the facility.
- Card blocker
At any time the card’s operation may be blocked within the system.
- New User
At any time a new user may be added to the system’s membership population.
- Antipassback
This prevents more than one user from using the same card at the same time.
- Antipassback timer
This function blocks the use of the card, for an adjustable time-frame, after entry. The card is unblocked once exit is made.


  • Max number of users 500
  • Dedicated software YES
  • Use without PC YES (partial)
  • Type of PC connection RS232 - RS485
  • Max distance between RBM21 and PC 5 m / 16.4 ft without PC40 (RS232) - 1,000 m / 3.281 ft with PC40 (RS485)
  • Max number of connectable sensors 2 inputs + 2 outputs (or 2 inputs/outputs)
  • Relay outputs for automation control 2 (n.o. - n.c.)
  • Connection for traffic light or sign 1 (n.o. - n.c.)
  • Auxiliary Memory card YES
  • On board warning display YES
  • Magnetic loop connections 2
  • On-board sensor YES (only for transponder cards)