230 V AC Control unit completes software Came RBM84

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Control unit for proximity cards, magnetic cards, numeric code keypads and Atomo and Tam series transmitters.
It is ideal for many types of applications and specifically designed for facilities with large numbers of users that require the integration of several control devices (transmitters, coded keypads, cards, etc.) and where it is essential to have real-time data available for all the users in the controlled area. In fact, RBM84 is a product that brings together high levels of practical flexibility and the latest manufacturing technologies available on the market today.
The dedicated software features a clear graphic interface, easy to use, runs on windows mode and does not require any particular hardware. It can be configured according to the requirements of the systems, and can memorize cards and parameters assigned to each user. Numerous are the functionalities that are already programmed for the various types of employment such as multi-level parking, event filing, control of single automations from a pc, “scalable” control user calendar functions for each
user, and much, much more.
Main software functions
  • Prepaid access
  • Prepaid time
  • Selected times
  • Card blocking from PC
  • Card insertion from PC
  • Parking function
  • Event printing
  • Anti-passback at entrance/exit
  • Timed anti-passback
  • Flow history
  • Instant event visualization
  • Direct automation system control
  • Differentiated user control (through groups)
Special Functions
  • Opening and/or closing of facilities on pre-set dates
  • Automatic opening of facilities at pre-set times
  • Total block of the system from PC
  • Software access password
  • Synchronization of the state of the facilities


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  • Max number of users 5.500
  • Dedicated software YES (see specifications in software manual)
  • Pc-free NO
  • Type of pc connections RS232 - RS485
  • Max distance between the RBM84 and PC 1000 m with a PC30 (RS485)
  • Max number of sensors connected 124 (max configuration with 60 REM)
  • Relay outputs with 60 REM 128
  • Digital inputs 128