230 V AC LEFT-HAND barrier - 24V DC motor Came G3000SX

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LEFT-HAND barrier made of galvanised and varnished steel fitted to take additional accessories Came Cod. 001G3000SX

Engineered to control passage openings up to 2.75 m wide, the new Gard 3 barriers are designed for intesive traffic flows thanks to a series of features that make them especially sturdy and reliable. The reinforced steel structure with anti-oxydation treatment and electrostatic powder varnishing, provides long lasting and resistance over time of its aesthetics, while the dedicated control panel and the evolved balancing system are for managing the required continuous operations and passive inertia pheonomenons that are typical of quick movements.

The rounded shapes and soft corners confer a modern-design look to the Gard 3 barrier, making it easy to integrate it in any architectural context. The oval or round-shaped barrier arm reduces the sail effect, typically found in windy conditions.
  • Modern easily integrated design
  • Set up for mounting accessories directly onto the barrier
  • LED, high-visibility dome flashing light, integrated into the barrier
  • Reinforced steel cabinet treated with anti-oxydation characteristics and varnishing or, made of AISI 304 steel
  • Dedicated control panel with encoder-based technology for complete control of the movement and highly sensitive obstacle detection
  • Differential spring-loaded balancing system for opening and closing
  • Speedy opening and closing movements with independent adjustments
The 24 V DC operator is the ideal solution to ensure intensive use as typically found when applied to parking lot systems and large traffic flow systems. Also, the low voltage system allows you to connect up to a back up or auxiliary generator unit in the event of power failures.


  • Type 001G3000SX
  • IP protection rating IP54
  • Power supply (50 V - 60/60 Hz) 230 AC
  • Motor power supply (50 V - 60/60 Hz) 24 DC
  • Current draw (A) 15 MAX
  • Power rating (W) 300
  • Opening time 90°(s) 0.9
  • Duty cycle (%) INTENSIVE USE
  • Torque (Nm) 200
  • Operating temperature (°C) -20 ÷ +55