Barrier in galvanized and painted steel Came G3250

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Barrier in galvanized and painted steel with provision for accessories.
Designed for a range of openings up to 3.25 mt, Gard barriers are the ideal solution for the selection and control of roads and parking lots for residential and collective. Disonibili in versions with 24V motor D.C.
Installs easily on the cabinet all the accessories necessary for the safety of the plant, such as photocells, flashing lights and bumpers.
The main features of the GARD series are:
  • Self-learning of the radio code between transmitter and receiver;
  • Command to 'maintained action': provides for the maintenance of the button to get the motion of the frame;


COD. G3250


Technical Specifications

  • Motor power supply: 24 V DC 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption max.: 15 A
  • Power: 300 W
  • Max.: 200 Nm
  • Reduction ratio: 1/202
  • Opening time: from 2 to 6 sec.
  • Intermittent / Cycle: Intensive
  • Degree of protection: IP54
  • Weight: 47 kg
  • Insulation class: I