Steel entrance unit RAL1028 Came PSE4000

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Steel entrance unit with rust-proof coating and RAL1028 varnishing, with sensor for transponder cards and keychains and token dispenser.
Pay to park
PS4000 is a complete system for managing parking areas in small, medium and large commercial facilities. The entrance and exit units, together with the cashiers, are in fact specifically designed to manage the traffic of both occasional as well as subscribed parkers. The system enables integration with tokens and transponder cards and key-chains, besides coin-payment for occasional parkers. The system can also take several entrances and exits, even over numerous levels.
Standard installation
The system configuration is at the basic condition for an efficient parking management system. There are, in fact, numerous applications depending on the type of parking lot that needs to be managed, the number of entrances and exits and cashier stations, and whether these are manual or automatic. The top-level configuration for the PS4000 can operate 16 entrance and 16 exit units, 8 automatic cashier stations, 1 manual cashier station and 16 auxiliary cashiers. This system can be set up over 16 different parking levels. The minimal configuration, however, can operate with only two units, at the entrance and exit, and with only one attended cashier station for manual payment of parking.
The software
The management software, which runs with Windows, features a clear and intuitive graphic interface and does not require any specific hardware to run. Use is extremely simple an even without training, the staff will be able to manage the system promptly. A permanent connection to the PC is not indispensable, other than for the initial configuration operations and the input of new subscribers.  The software can manage 2.500 subscribed parkers and 7.500 occasional parkers, for a total 10.000 parkers
PSE4000 Entrance unit
Located parking lot entrances, can be made up  of a maximum of 16 units. Enables occasional parkers to be dispensed with a transponder token to access the parking lot. Subscribers may use the transponder card or key-chain to access the parking lot by simply placing them in proximity of the sensor. The entrance unit is usually set up with a Gard series Came automatic barrier along with command and safety accessories, in accordance with current technical standards and regulations.
Cod. 001PSE4000

Limits to use
  • Maximum parking spaces:  10.000
  • Dedicated software:  YES
  • Use w/out PC: YES
  • Type of PC connection:  RS232 - RS485
  • Maximum distance between PSC4000 and PC: 5 m without PC40 (RS232) - 1000 m with PC40 (RS485)
  • Maximum number of manual cashier stations: 16
  • Maximum number of levels or floors: 4