Touch screen Automatic cashier Came PSC6000

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“Easy” parking with the new automatic pay station
The PCS6000 is the latest automatic pay station designed to be integrated into Came’s parking systems. It takes coin, banknote and credit card payments, but it is also possible to use transponder devices to easily manage memberships. Made of sturdy steel plating, it offers top anti-effraction security
The software
It features quick, user-friendly interface, to easily manage payments with touch screen. The possibility of customisable configurations makes PSC6000 a functional and exclusive paystation. The service is completed by a “diagnosis through real time sms” function. The administrator can therefore check the status of the system.
Main characteristics of the touch-screen cash registers
  • Multilingual menu with 6 languages to choose from.
  • Programmable coin reader depending on the currency being used.
  • Programmable banknote reader depending on the currency being used.
  • “VisaPED” certified credit card reader, with optional hand positioning of the card.
  • Notification mode during payment operations: amount reached, amount missing, amount of change.
  • GSM based diagnosis with optional real time checking of system status.
  • Set up to be fitted with interphone connection with HELP button for calls.
  • Management of registered users via cards, TAGs or transponder keyfobs, and recharging of registered parkers’ prepaid credits directly at the cash register.
  • Advertising or duty messages for clients.


Cod. 001PSC6000