Card Came ZA3 engine flying Ati Frog Ferni Came

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Came art card ZA3 engine swing Ati, Frog, ferni.


This control board ZA3 is suitable for controlling a automation for swing gates of ATI, FERNI and FROG powered with 230V power up to 600W, frequency 50-60Hz.

Designed and built entirely by CAME in compliance with current regulations 8612.

The board is supplied with a voltage of 230 V (ac) at the terminals L1-L2 and the inlet is protected with two 5A fuses, while the low voltage control devices are protected by a 3.15A fuse.


- The photocells can be connected to obtain:

- Re-opening during closure (2-C1), the photocells identify an obstacle during the closing of the door, cause the reverse to the fully open position;

- Total stop (1-2), shutdown of the door with the exclusion of the automatic closing, to resume movement, a pushbutton or remote control.

Other functions

- Automatic closing. The closing timer is automatically activated at the end of the opening.

The adjustable preset time, it is automatically interrupted by the activation of any safety and is deactivated after a "stop" or in the absence of electricity.

- "Present". Operation of the gate keeping the button pressed (excludes the function of the remote control).


- Work time

- Automatic closure time