KIT replacement card came ZA3 + transformer 119RIR090

VAT-inclusive price

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Came art card ZA3 engine swing Ati, Frog, ferni.


This control board ZA3 is suitable for controlling a automation for swing gates of ATI, FERNI and FROG powered with 230V power up to 600W, frequency 50-60Hz.

Designed and built entirely by CAME in compliance with current regulations 8612.

The board is supplied with a voltage of 230 V (ac) at the terminals L1-L2 and the inlet is protected with two 5A fuses, while the low voltage control devices are protected by a 3.15A fuse.

Power 119RIR090

Transformer compatible RIR090 co n-bx ZA3 ZA4 ZA5 ZCA zme