Plus electronic board ZBX74 for motor sliding BX-A/BX-B

VAT-inclusive price

750 Raccolta Punti

This control board ZBX74 is suitable for controlling the automation sliding supplied with 230V single-phase series BX-A/BX-B.

The board is supplied with a voltage of 230V (ac) at the terminals L1 and L2.

The inlet is protected with two 5A fuses, while the control devices at low voltage (24V) are protected by a 1A fuse.

replaces the old cards came: ZBX6 and ZBX7

The overall power of accessories (24V) must not exceed 20W.


- The photocells can be connected to obtain:

- Re-opening during closure (2-C1), the photocells identify an obstacle during the closing of the gate, causing the inverted until it is completely open;

- Partial stop, shutdown of moving gate, resulting in automatic closing cycle (2-C3);

- Total stop (1-2), the gate stops with the exception of the automatic closing, to resume movement of the gate, a pushbutton or radio remote control.