RIO Control Module Management Wireless Accessories Came RIOCTL01

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RIO Control Module Management Wireless Accessories Came Rio System - 001RIOCTL01
Radio Control Module, with flow rate 30 m, which operates up to 10 wireless accessories of the series RIO, programmed during the installation phase.
LEDs for monitoring the system and the operation of the devices.
Buzzer that is activated in case of low battery or a possible malfunction of wireless accessories.
Automatic frequency change in the event of disturbances in the radio frequency.
Special function to display the quality of the radio signal and the presence of any disorders.

Technical Features
  • RIO CONTROL - Cod. 001RIOCTL01
  • Power supply (V DC): 24
  • Maximum absorption (mA): 80
  • 4 Relay contacts increased to 24 V (A): 1 Max.
  • Radio range (m): 30
  • Configurable number of accessories: 10
  • Frequency (MHz): 868.95