Irreversible motor UNIPARK complete platform UNIP Came

VAT-inclusive price

1180 Raccolta Punti


Self-locking operator complete with mounting platform. To this must be added the accessories shown in class to complete.

UNIPARK with parking always without losing time

Reserve your parking space is now possible with UNIPARK, the barrier automatic radio-controlled remote for the Protection of the private parking. Fully automatic, UNIPARK is controlled by radio and blocks access to the parking space in a fast and practical. Designed to be installed on the ground with extreme ease, is an innovative idea for any residential or industrial.

Areas of application: Condominium Work environment

Aesthetics and efficiency

Better coverage of the area to be reserved, UNIPARK is also available with an increased barrier.

A single framework for 4 seats

The control panel provides housing 3 cards for the extension of the system in order to control up to 4 cars with a single central

Applicable everywhere

UNIPARK is equipped with a base for fixing to the ground which makes possible installation in any condition of application.

The 24V electronics

UNIPARK is the automation system totally safe and reliable thanks to 24V technology with which it was conceived, also provides:

  • Self-learning of radio code from transmitter to receiver
  • Amperometric device for the detection of obstacles and for the management of the limit switches.
  • Link card extension fi system to a maximum of 4 UNIPARK connected to the same picture

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Technical information
Degree of protection
Power to the Board
230V AC (50/60 Hz)
Motor power supply
24V DC
1.7A max
Nominal power
Intermitenza work
intensive service
Operating time
Operating temperature
-20 ° C min / 55 ° C max