Self-locking operator motor swing gate for door 3m 24V A3024N

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Self-locking operator motor swing gate for door 3m 24V A3024N


The reliability and experience first-hand from CAME

These are the qualities that allow an automated system to be reliable over time even on very large gates. Based on these requirements CAME offers a complete range of electromechanical motors that require no adjustments or periodic maintenance over time.

Practical and safe

The gearmotor release, which is protected by a door and a lock, gives easy access to the manual opening of the gate during a blackout.

Extremely sturdy
The outer structure, made entirely of aluminium, guarantees sturdiness and protection from environmental agents.

Ati 24V is EN TESTED
When total comfort, performance and safety are needed, Ati’s 24V technology elevates the potential to the highest standards, meaning:
Controlled impact forces
Thanks to laboratory testing carried out on a door sample, versions A3204N and A5024N are European standard EN12445 and EN12453 compliant, in terms of impact forces.
Blackouts no more
Ati’s 24V electronics automatically detects any absence of power and immediately activates the emergency back-up batteries, to always open and close the gate (optional).
Frequent passages
The low-voltage gearmotor guarantees functioning even in the harshest of working conditions, such as in apartment blocks and industrial facilities.
Obstacle detection
A special electronic circuit constantly sweeps for any obstacles to the gate leaves, and if needed stops or inverts the direction of motion.

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* The dimensions given refer to the A5000 series gearmotors
Limits of use
Max leaf width
Max leaf weight
2 m
800 kg
2.5 m
600 kg
3 m
400 kg

Technical Information
Degree of protection
230V 50/60 Hz/24V DC
Motor power supply
24V DC
10A max
Rated power
Intermitenza work
intensive service
Adjustable push
Motor thermal protection  
Opening time (90 °)
Operating temperature
Min -20 ° C +55 ° C max