Self-locking operator with articuled arm FA4024

VAT-inclusive price

2595 Raccolta Punti



Self-locking operator with arms articulated transmission for leafs up to 2.3 m. FA4024 24v


Please note, the motor must be matched to the model FA4024CB for the complete operation.


Safe and practical
The convenient release lever enables manual opening of the gate in case of a power outage.

Modern and refined design
Thanks to the extreme attention to details and choice of materials.

A compact operator
The version of Fast already comes with a built-in control panel so now further control boards are needed.

24V Fast is EN TESTED
When max comfort, performance and safety are needed, Fast’s 24V technology provides top level potential of the operator, particularly:
Controlled impact forces
Thanks to laboratory testing carried out on a door sample, Fast is European standard EN12445 and EN12453 compliant, in terms of impact forces.
Blackouts no more
The 24V-powered Fast electronics automatically recognises the interruption of electric power and thus activates the emergency batteries, so that the gate can always be opened and closed (optional).
Frequent passages
The low voltage gearmotor ensures functioning even under severe working conditions such as when applied to apartment blocks or industrial facilities.
Obstacle detection
A special electronic circuit constantly analyses the proper functioning of the gate leaves, by stopping, or inverting the direction of movement, in case of any obstacles.


Type FA4024
Protection IP54
Supply 230V
Motor power supply 24V
Absorption (A) 11 MAX
Power (W) 140
Opening time (s) Adjustable
Duty cycle Heavy duty
Couple 180 Nm
Operating Temperature -20 - +55
Motor thermal protection -