Self-locking operator with articulated transmission arm FE40230

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3161 Raccolta Punti

Self-locking operator complete with articulated transmission arm for gate-leaves of up to 4 m / 13 ft. FE40230

Ferni perfectly powers swing gates of up to 4 m wide, which are anchored on to large pillars. It is sturdy and powerful, and may be fitted with either jointed or straight telescopic arms. It adapts and fitsany specific space application issues.


Ideal for fitting onto large pillars, where the space between post and gate hinge can be very considerable, Ferni easily solves any installation issues for moving very large gates. The versatility and special features of this new operator streamline  each step of the installers work, making it easy, precise, specific especially for already installed gates. Adjusting the endpoint assembly is also now made much simpler by the new and exclusive “double face” system. Its modular design lets you position the micro-switches more conveniently, depending on whether you install the Ferni operator on the left or right gate post. This all means a simpler final calibration of the system, maximum precision and reliability and exact adjustment of the gate leaf stop point when opened or closed.


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Model FE40230
Degree of protection IP54
Supply 230V AC
Motor power supply 230V AC
Absorption 1.2 A Max
Power 140W
Opening time 90 ° 34s
Duty cycle 30%
Couple 540nm
Operating temperature -20 To +55
Motor thermal protection 150 °